Norge på langs

Norge på Langs 2019-20: 2702 km, 186 days, 13 national parks, 105 huts. Walking 100% of the way.

The preparations (details in separate post).

The route (details in separate post):

The equipment (details in separate post):

Detailed trip report:

Part 1: Knivskjellodden, Magerøya and The North Cape Tunnel
Part 2: The Porsanger Peninsula
Part 3: Finnmarksvidda
Part 4: Reisadalen
Part 5: The Finnish Section
Part 6: Inner Troms and Dividalen
Part 7: The Narvik mountains
Part 8: Padjelanta and the Sulitjelma Mountains
Part 9: Junkerdalen
Part 10: Saltfjellet
Part 11: Around Okstindan and Umbukta
Part 12: Børgefjell
Part 13: Trøndelag from Børgefjell to Trondheim
Part 14: Restart in Trondheim
Part 15: Trollheimen and Kårvatn
Part 16: Innerdalen
Part 17: Sunndalen and Sunndalsfjella
Part 18: Reinheimen
Part 19: Breheimen
Part 20: Jotunheimen
Part 21: Skarvheimen
Part 22: Hardangervidda
Part 23: Heiene
Part 24: Lindesnes and the end!

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