Central African Republic

about me

I am a general surgeon (2011) from Copenhagen, Denmark with extensive experience in trauma and war surgery as well as various aspects of disaster medicine from 5 years and more than 20 missions with organisations such as MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borderes) and Red Cross (ICRC, IFRC) including setting up and implementing field hospitals as well as organizing mobile surgery, pharmacy management, mass casualty protocols, supervision, teaching and evaluation of local staff, organizing logistic supplies etc.

Operating in a field hospital (a converted private villa) in Syria, 2012

Experiences include opening of hospital projects inside Syria during the conflict (2012,2013),  in Yemen (2012), Libanon  (2016) and Haiti (2019); mobile surgery in the Central African Republic (2014); working in  a container hospital outside Mosul (2017); in an inflatable hospital in a refugee camp in Bangladesh (2018); with boat migrants/refugees in Greece (2015); in Edna Adan Hospital, Somaliland (2020). Additionally I worked as an offshore rig medic from 2013-15 and I have frequently worked as a general practitioner in Greenland.

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I have a DMSc (PhD) in perioperative fluid management from 2009, with  ~50 published articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as written book chapters and > 50 international presentations/lectures predominantly within the topics of surgical pathophysiology, fluid management and fast-track surgery.

Education in brief
2011 Specialist in general surgery
2009 DMSc (PhD)
2001 Medical Doctor, University of Copenhagen

Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) 2009, “Pathophysiology and clinical implications of perioperative fluid management”, based on clinical studies in the area of perioperative fluid management

2014: Recipient of the Anders Lassen Foundation award.

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