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Tour de Mont Blanc – six highlights and five challenges

The summary: July 2013. Tour de Mont Blanc.  From  Les Houches to Les Houches. Anticlockwise around the Mont Blanc massif. 12 days. 168 km. Wild camping everywhere.

The highlights:

  • The high route on the first day from Les Houches to Refuge de Miage via Col de Tricot getting close to the glaciers.
  • Continuing up past Les Contamines, through the gorge, further above the tree limit over snowfields to Col de Bonhomme.
  • Camping directly opposite Mont Blanc on the Italian side after Refugio Elisabetta.
  • Fenetre d´Arpette, by far the toughest and most beautiful stage.
  • Lac Blanc.
  • Camping directly opposite Mont Blanc at the French side at Refuge de Bellachat.
Fenetre d´Arpette - Tour de Mont Blanc
Fenetre d´Arpette – Tour de Mont Blanc

The challenges:

  • Walking in the Alps is generally physically challenging often with ascents/descents of around 1000 meters every day; on the other hand, the trails are well made.
  • The ladders: before Lac Blanc and Col de Brevent a short section of ladders has to be climbed.
  • Fenetre d´Arpette – a genuine mountain pass, with 1200 meters ascent/descent.
  • Occasionally camping in odd spaces: Once in a parking lot (before Refuge de La Motte), another squeezed in behind two Peule tents.
  • Too many inexperienced people on the trail: A lady fall about 30 meter from the trail directly in front of me, mainly because she balanced on the edge of the trail instead of walking on it. Mountain rescue by helicopter was in place within 20 minutes.

    Lac Blanc
    Lac Blanc

The complete photogallery of the Tour de Mont Blanc (2013)  is available on flickr.

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