The Routeburn Track

As with The Milford Track, the main challenge of The Routeburn Track for individual walkers is securing a spot in the Lake MacKenzie Campsite/Hut located 20 km into this 38 km walk.

However, contrary to the Milford Track, Routeburn Track offers  possibility of legally camping on the Greenstone Saddle, 33 km into the track, no booking requried. Thus, failing to having secured a spot at Lake MacKenzie, I then essentially walked the Routeburn in one day:

Starting at 11 am (after a failed bus pickup in Queenstown); walking past the golden meadows and crystal clear rivers up to the Routeburn Falls Hut (1:00 pm); onto Lake Harris and Harris Saddle (3:30 pm); down to Lake MacKenzie (6 pm) through the ancient lakeside forest; past the Earland Falls (8 pm); and finally, completely exhausted, the Greenstone Saddle (9.45 pm) minutes before complete darkness.  The second day was an easy 5 km walk up to Key Summit and then down to The Divide and the bus back to Te Anau.
In this glorious weather, and after having walked all the other mainland Great Walks, I find the Routeburn to be the greatest of all New Zealand Great Walks.

Lake Harris on the Routeburn Track
Lake Harris on the Routeburn Track

MacKenzie Lake and the surrounding forest; The Earland Falls; Lake Harris and Harris Saddle; The bluest, clearest rivers and golden meadows.

Difficulty: 3. 4 if walking in one day!

Information, bookings (all accomodation incl. tent spaces must be booked in advance) and maps: DOC (Department of Conservation).

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