The Botafumeiro, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Day Twentyfour-six: Santiago de Compostela
October 5-7, 2016

  • The century-old Botafumeiro ceremony is exceptional.
  • The Botafumeiro ceremony is guaranteed to take place every Friday evening unless someone “requests” it = pays approximately 200 dollars to the Church. Especially tour groups pay for it and in high season, as well as when I was there, the Botafumeiro was on every day.

    Queuing for the Compostela
                                    Queuing for the Compostela
  • On October 6th, 1800 pilgrims received the Compostela Certificate and the queues at the Pilgrim´s Office to receive the Compostela are 2+ hours and extend into the garden
  • As I lost my Pilgrim´s Pass in Santo Domingo and thus received a new one in Burgos, the office would not accept that I had walked from Saint Jean Pied de Port “because there was no proof of it”. Actually my iPhone GPS as well as my watch would  be accepted as proof in a courtroom, but not in the Pilgrim´s office..

    A free meal inside the Parador
                                  A free meal inside the Parador
  • Another old tradition: The Parador in Santiago donates a free meal to 10 pilgrims each day. Not in the restaurant but in the hotels kitchen and an adjacent dining room. Normally people queue for more than an hour, but on Friday night we were only five people.
    The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
                The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

    The complete photogallery of this day is available on flickr.
    This post is part of the Camino de Santiago in 24 days series.

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