Odar village, a home-stay village

Odar homestay village (or rather just Odar) is an easy 50 minutes uphill walk from the Annapurna Circuit Trail between Tal and Chame and a great opportunity to get a bit off the beaten track.

In Odar, the homestay system is meticulously organized: 16 homes are currently approved for homestay in the village (several more have applied), and everything is meticulously organized:  Thus, depending on which day the guest arrives, he/she will be directed to the homestay “on duty”. This also applied for guests passing Odar for lunch, where cut-off between the lunch homestay place and the overnight homestay is 2pm. All this in order to fairly distribute the income from tourists in a poor village where two overnight guests may support an entire family for several weeks.

Odar Village
Odar Village

Odar is a traditional village, making their living from agriculture and almost everything is home-made, with bees and chicken all around the village.
I learned from my host that this area was not really affected by the 2015 earthquake. I also learned that the locals pay around 2 dollars for a jeep down to Besi Sahar (while a tourist pays around 200 dollars). And that many of the villages young people had left seeking employment in either China or the Gulf States. My host furthermore explained that the decline in walking tourists on this part of the Annapurna Circuit (most take the jeep directly to Chame), had forced the development of new forms of tourism, and it was believed that home-stays in more remote villages could be a possible solution.

Odar Village
Odar Village

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This post is part of the series on Annapurna Circuit, walked in October 2015.

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  1. Very informative and inspiring. This is the way of traveling that I prefer. After reading it I’m even more curious about experiencing a rural life in Nepal. Although I knew what to expect it gives many precise and fresh informations.

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