GR20 stage 6: Hotel del Vergio-Refuge de Mangano

GR20 stage 6: Hotel del Vergio-Refuge de Mangano
Distance: 17 km, asc/desc: 670/475m, 6 hours
August 10th, 2016

  • The stage itself is moderate and probably the easiest of the entire GR20. However it was here, right after Lac de Nino that I found myself in the middle of a genuine Corsican thunderstorm complete with massive lightning:
  • When I left Hotel del Vergio around midday is was already cloudy and I heard thunder from far. At Lac de Nino it started to rain lightly and 30 minutes later the rain was heavy and the thunder and lightning began. The trail had turned into a river, the lightning seemed to come closer and the moment before I arrived at Bergeries de Vaccaghja a lightning struck right in front of me not more than 50 meters ahead on the plateau.
  • More than 50 people were squashed into the Bergeries waiting for the storm to slow down. I specifically remember a German couple who, contrary to regulations, had camped on the ridge above the Lac de Capitellu, where their tent was torn apart during the night presumably by foxes searching for food.
  • The storm slowed down and completely soaked I walked up to the Manganu refuge. I carried a lightweight raincoat with me, but knew beforehand that if heavy rains occurred I would have to take a rest day to dry off. This was now.
  • As a side note: A detour has been made at the southern end of Lac de Nino, presumably to benefit the nearby Bergeries des Inzecche. Just keep walking straight ahead unless you want to visit the Bergeries.

    Thunderstorm approaching on the way to Lac de Nino
    Thunderstorm approaching on the way to Lac de Nino

The (very moderate) photogallery from this stage is affected by the grey clouds, the thunderstorm and the fact that my iPhone was soaked.
This post is part of a series on the GR20 as walked in August 2015.

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