GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu

GR20 stage 4: Haut Asco to Refuge de Tighjettu

GR20 stage 4:  Haut Asco-Refuge de Tighjettu
Distance: 11 km, asc/desc: 1430/1400 m. Time: 10h
August 7th, 2016

According to my plan, I should have rested one day in Haut Asco. However, as thunderstoms were forecast two days later, I decided to skip the rest day. As the Cirque de Solitude was closed after the deadly accident earlier in the season costing the life of seven hikers, a variation (now the official route) via the Monte Cinto summit ridge (Pointe de Eboulis) to Tighjettu was put in place. Some chose to take a minibus skipping this section.

GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu
                GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu

While incredibly beautiful, this is definitely one of the toughest stages of the GR20. Some completed it in 6 hours, I took 10, including several hours of rest during day.

The scrambling on this section is moderate and the normal ascent route from Haut Asco to Monte Cinto is followed all the way up to Pointe de Eboulis on the Monte Cinto summit ridge. It is long and tough and at one point I had to resort to a schedule of one 5 min break every 50 m ascent. I was exhausted when I finally arrived at Pointe de Eboulis at 2 pm and opted out of the detour to the Monte Cinto summit as I faced a 900 meter descent to Tighjettu.

GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu
                    GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu

Though endless, the descent to Tighjettu is not overly difficult, however for some reason the yellow markers are not always placed along the easiest route.
The views from Bocca Crucetta, on top of the descent are superb and Calvi may even be spotted in the distance.

GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cintu to Tighjettu
                   GR20 stage 4 via Monte Cinto to Tighjettu

I arrived in the middle of dinner at 7:30 pm at Tighjettu, where the food supply shop is very well stocked: I opted for canned Cassoulet and a large beer.

Click for full photogallery of this GR20 stage one on flickr.
This post is part of a series on the GR20 as walked in August 2015.

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