GR20 stage 3 to Haut Ascu

GR20 stage 3: Refuge de Carrozzu-Haut Asco

GR20 stage 3:  Refuge d´Orto di u Piobbu-Refuge de Carrozzu
Distance: 6 km, asc/desc: 860/710m. Time: 7h
August 6th, 2016

The main difficulty of this day is the descent to Haut Asco, which is only second to the one down to Carrozzu in difficulty. On the contrary, the Spasimata slabs are quite moderate.

In early morning the walk up the Spasimata Gorge is exceptionally atmospheric and the Lac de la Muvrella is very atmospheric with mouflons descending to the lake in the evening.

GR20 stage 3: The descent to Haut Ascu
GR20 stage 3: The descent to Haut Ascu

2014: I left Carrozzu at 9 am being exhausted from the second day.
2015: I left Carrozzu at 5:45 am after having spent one rest day here.

2014: I took a wrong turn out of Carrozzu and descended 150 meters before realizing my mistake.
2015: I took the correct trail.

2014: I stopped and spent the night at the Lac de La Muvrella, completely exhausted after being cooked by the heat of the Spasimata Gorge.
2015: I left at 5:45 pm after having rested one day at Carrozzu and I reached Lac de la Muvrella as the sun hit the Spasimata Gorge below.

GR20 stage 3: Spasimata slabs
GR20 stage 3: Spasimata slabs

2014: I got a ride out of Haut Asco and continued on the GR20 South.
2015: I pitched my tent under the pylons in Haut Asco preparing for the next stage.

GR20 stage 3: Spasimata slabs
GR20 stage 3: Spasimata slabs

Click for full photogallery of this GR20 stage one on flickr.
This post is part of a series on the GR20 as walked in August 2015.

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