GR20 stage 14: Refuge d´Asinau to Refuge d´I Paliri

GR20 stage 14: Refuge d´Asinau to Refuge d´I Paliri
Distance: 13 km, asc/desc: 750/1145m, 7h
August 20th, 2016

Despite the weather not being 100% stellar, I nevertheless took the higher trail via Aiguilles de Bavella, which turned out to be vastly preferable to the very hot and not overly inspiring lower trail  I walked in 2014.

The circular day hike from Bavella through Aiguilles de Bavella is very popular, thus many people are encountered on the trail. This day also marks the last scrambling section of the GR20: A short scramble up a rock supported with a cable:

Aiguilles de Bavella
Aiguilles de Bavella: Short scrambling                                             section

Bavella is a tourist center, where camping is officially not allowed. Probably just as well as Refuge I Paliri, two hours further on, is one of the most atmospheric campsites of the entire GR20. When I was there, they were short of water (it was dripping from a rock) and the showers are far too far away, however the colours and ambience of I Paliri is wonderful:

Refuge d´I Paliri
Refuge d´I Paliri

Click for full photogallery of this GR20 stage on flickr.
This post is part of a series on the GR20 as walked in August 2015.

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