GR20 stage 13: Refuge d´Usciolu to Refuge d´Asinau via Monte Alcudina

GR20 stage 13 : Refuge d´Usciolu to Refuge Asinau
Distance: 17 km, asc/desc: 1010/1225m, 11h
August 18th, 2016

This stage starts  scrambling along the final part of the Corsica Spine Ridge from Usciolu, through a final gap, and then down to Bocca di l´Agnonu, where the trail splits in two:

1. The official trail: Via plateau de Cuscioni, over wonderful farmland passing three Bergeries, the last being the wonderful Bergerie de Croci, located only 2,5-3 hours walk from the summit of Monte Alcudina, alternatively 3 hours walk from Refuge Asinau. I walked this trail in 2014 camping at I Croci.30815031785_167d52230b_k

2. The variante: Crossing the plateau de Cuscioni before passing I Pedinieddi, the only place on the GR20 where camping is allowed, though no facilities are available and the nearest water source is a 30 minutes walk away. I  camped here, thus splitting the stage in two. The next day is a  straight-forward two-hour walk up to the summit of Monte Alcudina followed by a quite challenging ascent down to Asinau, placing right after the descents to Carrozzu and Haut Asco in difficulty. In fact I saw man being evacuated with helicopter due to an ankle injury.

The final gap in the ridge, Usciolu
The final gap in the ridge, after Usciolu

Asinau is located at the top of the valley. It can be windy but the views are great. Note: The Asinau Refuge burned down in early 2016, and as I understand it there is (2016) nothing left on the site except water, thus it should should be possible to pitch a tent. Alternatively, Bergeries d´Asinau offers accomodation a bit further down the valley (reservations essential).

Camping at Asinau
Camping at Asinau

Click for full photogallery of this GR20 stage on flickr.
This post is part of a series on the GR20 as walked in August 2015.

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