Galdhøpiggen summit

Galdhøpiggen summit climb

At 2469 meters, Galdhøpiggen is the highest moutain in Norway (indeed in Northern Europe) and many Norwegians aim to climb it at least once. There are two choices:

From Juvasshytta: The easier choice, including 600 m ascent and a (very moderate) glacier crossing, with ropes and guide, which depart daily. Most people chose this option.

From Spiterstulen: 1300 m straightforward ascent from Spiterstulen mountain lodge, no glacier crossings and no technical sections. The initial 500 meters ascent takes you above the valley, then the snowfields begin and a considerable part of the rest of the hike is on snow.

Coffee shop at Galdhøpiggen summit
Coffee shop at Galdhøpiggen summit

Once at the summit, you see the hundreds of people coming up from the other track from the Juvasshytta. On a fine day, as it was when I walked up from Spiterstulen, it can get quite crowded at the summit. In Nepalese style there even is a coffee shop, accepting credit cards at the summit and the glacier guide I saw on the summit was Nepalese as well.

In fine weather Galdhøpiggen summit hike is a great hike, with fantastic views over large parts of Jotunheimen and numerous glaciers from the top.

On the way from Spiterstulen to Galdhøpiggen
On the way from Spiterstulen to Galdhøpiggen

Highlights: The summit: The views, the atmosphere, the coffee shop.

Difficulty: 4. A long, relatively steep with no exposure, no scrambling, but long sections on snow.

Information  and map:, summitpost

The complete photogallery of the Galhøpiggen Summit hike is available on flickr.

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