Camino de Santiago day 21-24

Day Twentyone: Fonfria-Barbadelo,
30,84 km, asc/desc 482/1254m, 10:29h
October 2nd, 2016

  • The walk above the clouds down from Fonfria to Triacastela is wonderful.
  • A little before Furela a group of people have established a ecologic community including a Donativo with several foods for pilgrims.
  • Just before Sarría in the forest a man suddenly appeared in front of me, naked and masturbating. My first experience with indecent exposure. I had my iphone in my hand and briefly considered taking a photo, but finally thought it better just to get out of the forest as it was late afternoon and I was alone on the trail.
  • I visited the Monastery in Sarría, mainly to get a stamp to my Pilgrim´s Passport. From Sarría to Santiago, two stamps per day are required to get the Compostela – proof of pilgrimage.

    Community near Furela
    Community near Furela

The complete photogallery of this day is available on flickr.

Day Twentytwo: Barbadelo-Palas de Rei,
43,58 km, asc/desc 882/857m, 11:35h
October 3rd, 2016

  • One of the beautiful moments of the Camino: The morning mist on the way up from Barbadelo.
  • I walked 43,58 km – longer than I have ever walked, and probably will ever walk, in one day.
  • Curiously, there is a rather steep and rocky section just  before Portomarin, very unlike the rest of the Camino resulting in a queue of people having difficulty with the descent.
  • I got into Palas de Rei just after 8 pm and too late for the Pilgrim´s Mass.

    Short and steep descent to Portomarin
    Short and steep descent into Portomarin

The complete photogallery of this day is available on flickr.

Day Twentythree: Palas de Rei-Arzua,
28,14 km, asc/desc 542/715m, 9:15h
October 4th, 2016

  • The start of the day was a nightmare as hundreds of people crowded on the trail out of Palas de Rei. I though I beat the crowd by starting at 9:30, apparently not.
  • After Sarria, the number of people on the road is staggering. Since I doubled the stage to Palas de Rei I did not really notice the crowd, but now I am in the middle of it.
  • Due to all these people, it is very difficult to find accommodation after Sarria. I only needed two nights: In Palas de Rei (I booked hotel) and Arzua, where I booked a room via AirBnB.
  • After Sarría I met several groups of school children and quite a few families with children aiming to complete the 100 km pilgrimage.
  • In several places along the roads people have written texts such as  Tourists take up the places in the auberges from the real pilgrims or Jesus did not only walk 100 km!
  • Indeed the tourist industry has hit the Camino with plenty of souvenir stalls along the road.

    Shells: The symbol of the Camino
    Shells: The symbol of the Camino

The complete photogallery of this day is available on flickr.

Day Twentyfour: Arzua-Santiago de Compostela
37,95 km, asc/desc 693/777m, 11:09h
October 5th, 2016

  • Quite frankly, this days walk is quite uninspiring: Flat, close to roads, an less than charming finish into Santiago de Compostela.
  • I thought I might have had a couple of rest days in some of the cities but it turned out I did not need the rest and quite frankly for me it makes more sense to keep walking on towards Santiago than to visit tourist attractions.

    Graffiti close to Santiago
    Graffiti close to Santiago

The complete photogallery of this day is available on flickr.
This post is part of the Camino de Santiago in 24 days series.

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