Avalanche Peak

Avalanche Peak Track:

  • Two well-marked pole routes to the summit, 1100 meters ascent directly from Arthur´s Pass Village.
  • I took the slightly steeper Avalanche Peak Track up and  the Scott´s track down, thus completing the circuit in 5 h 15 minutes.
  • Cloudy until the bushline, a glorious view of surrounding peaks opened up once the last tree had been passed.
  • Together with the Mount Taranaki Summit Track and the Mueller Hut Track, this is one of the great hikes of New Zealand.
  • Note that the South Island mountain parrot, the Kea around the campsite at Arthur´s pass are quite aggressive (rather: curious): While I got away with a couple of small holes in my tent (being asleep inside it), my neighbors tent was ruined.
  • Kea may also be seen flying around Avalanche Peak.
Avalanche Peak
The summit ridge – Avalanche Peak

Highlights: Climbing the ridge to the Avalanche Peak summit above the bush line.

Difficulty: 4. The ascent is quite steep, though no scrambling sections. The ridge is not, in my opinion, exposed.

Information, bookings (all accommodation incl. tent spaces must be booked in advance) and maps: DOC (Department of Conservation).

The complete photogallery of the Avalanche Peak Trek is available on flickr.

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