Abel Tasman Coastal Track

A lush, tropical coastline combined with white beaches and relatively easy walking makes the Abel Tasman Coastal Track (or at least parts of it) the most popular of the New Zealand Great Walks.
The coastline between Marahau and Totaranui is the most popular, however the beaches become more beautiful the longer you walk, the best beaches being those after Totaranui: Anapai, Mutton Cove and Wharawharangi and the beaches in between. On the other hand, the seal colony at Separation Point, just before Wharawharangi was somewhat disappointing and probably not worth the detour.

It took me three days to walk the 63 km from Marahau to Totaranui and on to Wharawharangi along the coast track before doing an inland loop back to Totaranui in time to catch a water taxi back. I camped at Tonga Quarry and Anapai Bay. However camping at Tonga Quarry leaves only a short 2:30 hour walk to the tidal crossing at Awaroa, where the low tide did not take place until 6 pm.. With approximately 5 meters difference between low and high tide the crossing at Awaroa obviously need to be timed. That again meant that at the time I arrived at Anapai Bay it was 9 pm and pitch dark.

Strictly speaking, the Abel Tasman Coastal Track could be classified a walk, rather than a hike and indeed many chose to walk in jeans and sandals.


The beaches beyond Totaranui: Anapai, Mutton Cove, Wharawharangi. The lush, tropical coastline and hidden beaches.

Difficulty: 2

Information, bookings (all accomodation incl. tent spaces must be booked in advance) and maps: DOC (Department of Conservation). Awaroa tide table.

The Department of Conservation official video of the Abel Tasman Coast Track:

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