The 100 Rupee Monk

Perched on an almost vertical mountain side 400 meters above Manang at 2945, a female Monk lives at the Praken Gompa in solitude, only interrupted by a once-weekly climb down to Manang to buy supplies. Is has been customary for travelers on the Annapurna Circuit to hike up there and donate around 100 rupees in return for a blessing. However, as the female monk explained to me, 100 rupees is next to nothing these days, and times are hard, so she thought 500 rupees (around one dollar) a more appropriate donation.

The 100 rupee monk, Manang
The 100 Rupee Monk, Manang

The woman explained that she had been living in this mountain dwelling for 40 years together with her father, Lama Tashi, the original “100 rupee monk”,  now is apparently in his 90s and in Kathmandu.

The 100 rupee monk, Manang
View from the 100 rupee monk dwelling, Praken Gompa,  Manang

The complete photogallery of the 100 Rupee Monk is available on flickr.
This post is part of the series on the Annapurna Circuit walked in October 2015.

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